How to install recipee SAP CX ( SAP Hybris ) Mac and Windows

Hi Guys here are steps to instal SAP hybris installer in windows and mac

1) go to your installation directory in my case i have unzip 6.7 under below directory :
.. Documents/HybrisRecipes/HY6.7_B2CAcc/installer and execute like : ./ -r b2c_acc and
execute .

you can choose recipe you want from available recipes in folder ../installer/recipes

If build is successful we need to initialize system.

2) Now for initialize system use system use “./ -r b2c_acc initiallize
For recipes i prefer default HSQL DB.

3) Start server
for recipes i usually prefer server start by traditional way by going to platform.
but you can do like “./ -r b2c_acc start


For windows all steps and file names are same only instead of .sh files use .bat files .


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