What is RAML , YAML and their relation with JSON and web services…??

Recently while working with project which has heavy use of webservices i encountered this two terms yaml and raml.
Below are the points about what i have understood regarding both of this.

Questions :
1.what is yaml ?
2.what is raml ?
4.references? useful links?

1.What is yaml(YAML Ain’t Markup Language) ?
do you know XML? yes the xml is markup language the same way yaml is markup language with extra new-era standards.
yaml is human-readable data serialization language.

The advantage of yaml is it it more readable than xml as it has adopted standards from programming languages like c, python.
So we can say that yaml is new-age data description language.

2.what is RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) ?
RAML is structured way to discribe and document RESTful APIs

RAML is inherited version of YAML.it provides UI interface which makes easy to see API documentation.

Summary :
Todays programming strategies deal with lots of independent “ready-to-plug” components.To communicate and handle same data structure over different components we require some agreement between all these components.
yaml provides this agreement.
However RAML decorates yaml to showcase yaml agreement.

4. references? useful links?

RAML, the RESTful API Modeling Language


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