1. what is Spring Framework and its advantages.

Hi folks in this post we are going to discuss what it spring framework and what are benefits of using it for application development.
we will address below questions :
1. What is spring framework and why its popular in software development using java.
2. Spring architecture.
3. why spring is popular framework?
4. summary.

1. What is spring framework and why its popular in software development using java??
The spring is modular, de-facto enterprise application development framework which provides ready-made boilerplate code.
Using spring the software developer can rely on spring framework for many reusable functionalities and focus on writting business logic.

Spring simplifies the java development

2. Spring architecture.                                                                                                                               Architecture , framework these terminologies always confuse many developers, i will try to make it simple using real world example.

Example : Consider building having 50 floors, which has different slots for elevators, rooms, parking, fire exits and many more. Now relate to the below terms :

Architecture design: architectural design provides us  10 elevators slots.                                         Framework services: we have 4 high-tech intelligent elevators which fits in our architecture.

Now its our role as  a building developer to use 4 elevators on any of the 4 slots out of 10 provided.

Same way,in spring we have

Architecture design: springs have designed  many slots to keep and direct our source files.Eg. Spring core, MVC,aspects,containers,WEB,ORM.                                                                                                     Framework services: It provides many ready to use functionalities in J2EE, DB, program flow. and many more

Now its our role as  a spring application developer is to use architecture and readymade framework utilities and build our application.

Huh..Hope you got an idea about what is s/w architecture and framework and relation between both of them.

Lets move to the architecture component diagram :


Its a complete topic if we talk deep about the spring framework which soon i am going to write about.But i will give you a quick overview about how they have packed to use in java.They are packed in dedicated jars as in below image .

As of Spring 4.0, there are 20 distinct modules in the Spring Framework distribution.with three JAR files for each module (the binary class library, the source JAR file, and a JavaDoc  JAR file)



3. why spring is popular framework?

yes indeed !! its a popular because it provides :

  • POJO programming
  • It uses DI  ( Dependency Injection ) which helps testability
  • simplifies use of boilerplate code
  • based on industry driven tools like various ORM, quartz, loggign and many more.

4. Summary
To summarize the spring is enterprise application framework which provides the ready-made boilerplate code to use while developing enterprise applications. And its continuously evolving supporting many software programming standards, protocols.

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